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Skin Cells

Skin loosing effect 

When a dual-frequency 3.3 MHz or 10 MHz ultrasound is delivered to the skin, the tissue becomes loose. Drug delivery is very effective for tissue loosening and also minimizes bruises and swelling after surgery or laser treatment because of the reduced resistance of the skin tissue.

Dual Dynamic Massage 

By delivering micro-vibration to cell membranes, it strengthens an immune system to regenerate collagen and elastin fibers. 

High Frequency Ultrasound

Dynamic Pressure Distribution

Using an ultrasound with dual frequency 3.3MHz/10MHz generates

micro—vibrations as many as million times per second.

It stimulates cells located in epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous

fat and helps your skin healthier and younger.

Modulating connective tissue

Matrix matalloproteinases = MMPs / Heat shock proteins = HSPs / Glycosaminoglycan = GAGs

Low Frequency Ultrasound

Transepidermal Drug Delivery

It is the unidirectional movement of fluids along cell membranes, occurs as a result of the mechanical pressure changes within the ultrasound field. 

This phenomenon called ‘Push—pull effect’ creates micro—channels to stratum corneum layer and help drug delivery system more effectively.

Bellapact™ Treatment program

Program #1 - Synergy pact

Bellapact combines esthetic laser devices such fractional laser , RF needle, toing, and etc. 

Moreover, you can use the Bellapact as drug delivery system. It helps the solution penetrate more easily and deeper.

Program #2 — No needle No pain

Even though Bellapact delivers the solution without a needle, it makes patient's skin much brighter, And also, you will use Bellasono

program togheter.

Program #3 — Treatment pact

You can apply the solutions as EGF, PDRN, HA, Tranexamic acid, Idebenone, Vitamin and etc with Bellapact.


Bellasonic Specification


Ultral Sono 3.3MHz, 10MHz
Impact 40kHz
Rated VoltageAC220V
Rated Frequency
Power Consumption120VA
Body SizeW:400 X L:400 X H:1000


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